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In a newly-released Case Study “A 1-2 Punch for Project Success”, sponsored by Kinetic Construction based in British Columbia, researchers and participants described how combining Touchplan with Construction Accelerator® training videos led to significant project success and has been expanded from one to 20 projects in just three years.

“The Value of Small Group Learning
Kinetic Construction developed a robust training program for leadership, field staff, and trades. Kinetic Academy’s Last Planner System® (LPS®) training modules and Construction Accelerator videos created a “small group learning” environment – 6-8 people in Video Action Teams – that would allow them to learn both the theoretical and practical sides of lean foundations and LPS.

Training + Implementation = Results
Since utilizing Kinetic’s LPS program with the Construction Accelerator/ Touchplan combination, Kinetic has seen some outstanding results, making the company’s projects more seamless. Some projects finished three months ahead of schedule utilizing LPS despite, in one case, rotating through three superintendents. The utilization of Touchplan delivered stability and an all-time project schedule visibility as the training and onboarding continued for the team members.

“Meetings are now more efficient, especially the weekly constraint meeting, which brings all the team members together and helps to bridge the gap between the field and the office.”

You can read and download the two-page case study HERE.

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