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Latest Surprising Results on Peer-To-Peer Learning

In January 2024 we polled a group of LinkedIn, design, and construction professionals, “Primarily, how do YOU, yourself, learn new, better ways of doing your work?”

  • 57% of you said, “From others, my peers”
  • 29% responded “Videos online”
  • 7% each for “Podcasts” and “Company Training”.

It may surprise you, especially if you are one in charge of company training, but it does not surprise the researchers who have studied this! McKinsey found, and Harvard Business Review reported, “less than half of organizations have instituted any kind of formal peer-to-peer learning. One in three respondents said their organizations don’t even have any systems in place to share learning among employees.” (Palmer and Blake, HBR, 11-8-2018, link below.)

“Peer-to-peer learning is also uniquely well suited to the way we learn. People gain new skills best in any situation that includes all four stages of what we call the “Learning Loop”: gain knowledge; practice by applying that knowledge; get feedback; and reflect on what has been learned. [The classic PDCA cycle.] Peer-to-peer learning encompasses all of these.”

In early 2023, through LinkedIn, we polled 700 superintendents, general superintendents, trainers, and managers. Of the 10% responding:

  • 45% said they never train staff
  • 29% said they train staff on a monthly basis
  • 18% say quarterly
  • 8% said annually.

That’s not much training. Especially considering that of the respondents:

  • 40% lead training
  • 39% influence training
  • 19% “care about it”.

And how did they report training staff?

  • 83% provide Live Training
  • 17% virtual training
  • NONE used videos, books or handouts.

However, there are some tools available, immediately, and at low cost, that enable individuals, teams and organizations to use peer-to peer-learning starting tomorrow. We will explore those in our next post in this series.

Find the Harvard Business Review report here: https://hbr.org/2018/11/how-to-help-your-employees-learn-from-each-other

Find the McKinsey Survey here: https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/learning-at-the-speed-of-business

This is the first in the series offering successful, but inexpensive learning methods for you, your team, and your organization.

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