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“Habit” with an Excel download

HABIT: How a simple VISUAL CHECKLIST promotes lean behaviors

At a follow-up with one of our Last Planner® teams recently, I used this checklist after the session to review with them my observations during the meeting. I covered what things they had covered and others that they needed to include next time.

They had calculated their PPC, but couldn’t tell me what it was, so I left that one circled for now.

What surprised me was just how much they really cared about seeing all the boxes checked. I didn’t talk down to them or give them a hard time, I just simply showed them where they were doing the things required and where they needed to make progress – and I could see in their eyes that they really cared about getting that ‘check’!

I left it with them and suggested they used it to track adherence to the basics of the Last Planner System® over the coming weeks. You might also find it helpful!

Download an Excel version of the LPS® VISUAL CHECKLIST here.

The LPS is a powerful framework, but does require changing a few things about how most of us are used to running our projects. Try tracking the 7 behaviors above for 10 weeks and see what improvements you observe.

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