Lean Culture Building

5 Shifts to Build a Hybrid Lean Work Culture

Writing in Fearless Culture, Gustavo Razzetti, asserts “the hybrid workplace is here to stay. It has actually increased productivity to unexpected levels. As most studies show, employees value the flexibility and freedom that remote work has given them.

“A hybrid workplace can bring together the best of both worlds: the convenience of working from home and in-person interactions in the office.

“As a whole, hybrid is difficult to do right.” We ourselves have witnessed even Silicon Valley companies struggle with this. But Lean is all about building an intention culture. What is the role of Respect for People and Promoting Flow in building your Lean Culture?

“Consider this a chance to consciously design a successful hybrid workplace that bridges the gap between what employees want and what leaders demand. It’s time for a culture reset.”

Check out these “5 Shifts to Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace”.

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