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Target Value Delivery Questions to ask your Team

Target value delivery can represent a large culture change for a project team in how they deliver value and the eventual end product to the Owner.
It includes different terms and ways to collaborate that are new to many. Ask yourself and your team this list of questions from time to time to reflect on how things are going!

Design and Pre-Construction

  • Design Clusters
    • Are design clusters established?
    • Do they cover all the essential elements of the project scope?
    • Are design clusters meeting regularly?
    • Are members satisfied with the productivity of these meetings?
      • If not, what could be done to improve the meetings?
    • Are client/owner/user representative attending and taking part?
      • If they do not contribute, what do they say would make them more likely to add their input?
    • Do clusters include a member with an “amateur’s mind”?
    • How is cost used in these meetings?
      • Is there continuous estimating?
      • Does each design cluster have an estimator to work with?
    • Do established design clusters still make sense?
      • Have any become irrelevant?
      • Should new ones be formed?

  • Cost as a Design Factor
    • Is the entire team aware of the current estimated cost relative to target cost?
      • Does each cluster have its own target cost to work towards?
    • Do design clusters have the timely cost information necessary to guide cost-based decisions?
    • Does everyone the team have access to the cost model?
    • Is progress towards the Target Cost posted visually where all members of the team can see it?

  • Integration Events
    • Have the design cluster leaders formed an active Core Team?
    • Does the Core Team confer regularly to steer and evaluate the overall design and pre-construction processes?
    • Are integration events being held regularly?
    • Does the team review or reference the owner values and conditions of satisfaction for the project during the event?
    • Is the team getting to choose from different options within a design set?
      • Are they satisfied with the level of detail provided to make decisions?
        • Are the cost impacts and tradeoffs for different decisions clear?
        • Is it clear how different options affect owner values and conditions of satisfaction?
    • How are the decisions and outcomes from these events documented and shared among the team? Could a new team member see the history and quickly get up to speed?

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